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    [SD Offspring] Hell's Bells: Portal Raikka


    Song: Hell's Bells
    Artist: AD/DC
    Album: Back in Black (1980)

    "I'm rolling thunder, pouring rain
    I'm coming on like a hurricane
    My lightning's flashing across the sky
    You're only young, but you're gonna die
    I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives
    Nobody's putting up a fight
    I got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell
    I'm gonna get ya, Satan get ya"

    Hero: Raikka Spellseeker

    Allies (24):
    4x Cinderborn Fatebreaker
    4x Feasterling
    2x Death Mage Thaddeus
    2x Slingblade Demon
    4x Flame Spitter
    4x Belladonna
    4x Brutal Minotaur

    Abilities (15):
    4x Bad Santa
    4x Fireball
    4x Portal
    3x Supernova

    Items (0)

    = 40 cards ~ 12660g

    Ring the Bells of the underworld, Open the Portal to Hell!

    Well, that's a really aggressive deck.

    Mostly you will like to cast Portal T4, Minotaur T5 and Belladonna plus Cinderborn or Feasterling T6.
    With Portal and Raikka ability you can do 5 damage with Death Mage Thaddeus/Flame Spitter the turn they enter play, 7 damage with Minotaur (for 5 resources!).

    Slingblade works nicelly with portal from T5 on (for Example you cast Feasterling, attack, 4 damage, then Slingblade, attack, 4 damage, then Feasterling again, attack, 4 damage = Total 12 damage on T5 with 5 resorces spent).

    For sure the deck can also die easily, Mind Control on Minotaur, for example, does 8 damage on your head, and Raikka has small life points.

    But still it's a funny deck to play for aggro lovers as me.

    "Hells bells
    Hells bells, you got me ringing
    Hells bells, my temperature's high
    Hells bells"

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    That's a really good start of a deck, i'll try it !!


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