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    Double Hasty Zaladar

    Hero: Zaladar

    4x Frostmare
    4x Rampant Krygon

    2x Bad Santa
    2x Bazaar
    4x Loom of Fate
    4x Shard of Power
    3x Super Focus
    4x Nocturnal Advantage
    2x Shadow Font
    3x Arthyle's Crypt
    2x Mind Control
    2x Ley Line Nexus
    4x Shold: Tempest Gorge

    Total: 40 cards + hero

    The aim of this deck is to double hit with a single ally in each turn to get more benefit from Super Focus, using Shold: Tempest Gorge �s ability. You don�t have to worry about much allies from deck since you get them back with Arthyle's Crypt. A normal combo will be on turn 5:
    -cast Arthyle's Crypt or Loom of Fate if you�re missing them
    -use Arthyle's Crypt to get back a dead Frostmare to top of deck
    -use Loom of Fate to get it to your hand
    -cast Frostmare (for free if possible) to make 3-5 damage
    -use Shold: Tempest Gorge to get it back to hand
    -cast it again for other 5 damage or wait a turn if it�s not convenient to have an ally on board (from turn 6 on you can make that combo with Rampant Krygon for 12 damage on a single turn)

    If the opponent is Moonstalker or has a weapon on board, you can cast Nocturnal Advantage for not losing your ally and for an extra 1 damage.

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    Wow very funny IDEA
    IGN : RS Hello

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    Sounds like powerful combo! Thanks for posting the deck!

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    Check out this thread for some awesome articles and guides.

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