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    Undead burn Zaladar - popup deck

    The winner of mangopop 115-
    I must say that Jose disqualified himself in the finals (because he is a good sportsman & a true gentleman) so the win is a bit tainted.
    But i'll take it xD

    Hero: Zaladar (42 cards)

    4x Frostmare
    4x Harbinger of the Lost
    3x Death Mage Thaddeus
    2x Cryptspawn Tormentor
    3x Der'kan the Bone King

    4x Sacrificial Lamb
    2x Rain Delay
    3x Bad Santa
    4x Energy Extraction
    4x Mimic
    3x Energy Discharge
    3x Mind Control
    2x Exaltation

    Had a really nasty version of this deck before but the bans took away the Armor of Ages and Soul Reaper-2 cards that helped this deck out a LOT.

    It's impossible to say what your perfect start would be because it heavily depends on the opposition. In round 1 I faced rush Eladwen. I was happy as long as i got a Frostmare to kill his kris and as long as Harbinger discarded his spell. In round 2 i faced Tala and i wanted a harbinger + 3cc ally + ability to clean the board followed by mind control to take out the second protector.

    Basically, you want to control the board with your allies + hero ability.
    t5 you can cast Energy Discharge (playing Frostmare for 0cc if needed) or Mind Control, depending on the board situation
    t6 - you want all your allies to start dying, if they haven't already. Attack into allies if there are some, don't worry too much.

    Once you got 3 undeads in your grave Der'kan starts dealing 2 damage each time you cast him. Sac lamb works wonders with him, as does extraction-both can be replayed with Mimic
    Usually, opp will need to take him out so that you don't attack with him. If your opp makes the mistake of not killing Der'kan, play exaltation and punish him.
    If opp gets too many allies on board, play Discharge- if you kill allies with combined attack greater than 5-you did a good job.
    Frostmares can be very useful to bring down an ally to 3 health so Zal can kill him with ability, just don't leave an ally on board with der'kan, unless you have a spare one in hand.

    With Derkan's ping, hero ability, mind control and energy extraction you have more than enough damage to kill even warriors with Enrage and you can deal it quickly enough to outrun a rush mage.

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    Nice deck and congrats for the win!

    Gonna give it a spin!

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    Incredible that you played and won a pop with this deck without Armor of Ages!!

    Congratulations mate

    I played a lot vs BP Lord Wane when he was building this deck too and I can its really interesting to face

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