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    New SE Toolbox web app (deckbuilder, etc)

    Welcome to the new era of the shadow! As time moves foward we can see this game making some huge leaps in progress. Campaign, changes to rating system, new in-game challenges, lost lands part 2 just to name a few of the cool new features.*
    But I know you guys and girls, you always want more. And this is what the is topic about.
    We are all love to talk about the game, share our experience about deckbuildng, playstyles, cards usage and other stuff on forum and in telegram. It's great! we have awesome online community consisting of all kind of players; veterans, new players, comeback players, and casual players. Also guilds are the subcommunities with their own forums, dedicated telegram rooms as well as their own forums. We can see these discussions about decks and tactics repeating over and over in every available area. How are we doing it now? We can see people sharing their decklists by posting screenshots taken from in-game deckbuildng, another way is to recreate a deck in the official deckbuilder site and then posting a list or providing a link to it. There is also specific tactics to explain about how exactly a deck is a meant to be played, resource curve, good/bad matchups and how to adapt to them.
    Now, what if I told you that there could be better way of doing this?! What if you can share your deck once, together with all kind of comments, and then be able to share it as many times as you want privately or sharing it to the whole community and become a deckbuildng star? What if you could easily copy a highly rated public deck to your account and go straight to the game with it? What if you can could share your opinion about a deck or tactics once so everyone can see it instantly also in telegram official discussion room?!!
    All these things may actually be possible at some point in the future and you guys could help us to shape it up.*
    What can I do? Just think about what and how you want it to be. Don't be shy! Suggest even the most weirdest thing you might want. Think about how you want to do certain things, for example, if you want to share a deck in telegram, what type of bot interaction you would like to have?
    I should say, this is mainly a community driven project, we are actually looking for people who might contribute. We need programmers, artists, and writers. The more people we have the more quickly we may have these awesome new tools available for all us.
    Bring together all your imaginative, dreams, unorthodox ideas about the better future and share, here with us, ( insert new link) so you and others may rise as well as win!*
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    Thanks for putting this up. I've renamed the thread a little.


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