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    [ROK Hello's] Attach Zhanna

    I made this deck for preparing 3.6 update
    But.... It works really well in right now..
    Maybe better with new cards but now also good !

    Hero: Zhanna Mist (41 cards)

    Allies (16):
    4x Zealous Mystic
    4x Zailen Crusader
    4x Guardian of Unaxio
    4x General of Unaxio

    Abilities (20):
    2x For Unaxio!
    2x Strength of Conviction
    2X Spirit of Devotion
    4x Divine Connection
    2x Arada Jewels
    2x Focused Prayer
    4x Confluence of Fate
    2x Tidal Wave

    Items (4):
    4x Tome of Blessings

    This deck is so good vs weapon based deck.
    ToB, GoU make so funny game.

    2t - ToB
    3t - Zailen Crusader, Zealous Mystic + Strength of Conviction
    4t - Confluence of Fate


    2t - Divine Connection
    3t - Confluence of Fate

    also good

    this combo is really powerful in this meta.
    and Arada Jewels is really powerful card also.
    7 atk haste is so amazing XD

    Why that card? even 4??!

    Guardian of Unaxio - it is really good with Tome of Blessings . They don't die and your hero also don't die

    General of Unaxio - For... Vs Boris, Now you r mine, and so on ! and also good for draw

    Divine Connection - Attach deck's most weak point is retreat!. Your ally is returned0. but attachment is not!.. they go to the graveyard. Divine Connection help you overcome this situation with Confluence of Fate

    I wanna add more card like Legend Rise, Holy Shield, Assumed Command, Treasured Heirloom, Spirit of Devotion.
    If you have a good Idea for replacement , give me a comment
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