Every Majiya is the same, Eternal Troll, Phoenix, Nova Nova Nova;
Every Gravebone is the same, Falseblood Cultist, Forgotten Horror or Dakrath, Nova;
Every Tala is the same, 2cc, Land Arthyle's Pass;
Every Raikka is the same, Rotling, Barrenland Gremlin, Voracious Arachnid, Abomination Factory, Splicer's Crown, Land Rankett;
Every Ythan Redthorn is the same, Vigilant Wisp, Entangled Wisp, Fortified Wisp, Thunderstrike Construct;
Every Threbin is the same, Forgiveness, Devoted Knight, Scriptures of the righteous, Smite, Righteous Strike, Rod of Smiting, Madelain's Scepter, Tidal Wave
Other heroes are not better than them, at most 2 or 3 playing method.
You just keep your eyes closed and know how your opponent will play.