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    Merchant suggestions and other upcoming stuff

    Hello everybody, this is my first post.
    I have some suggestions about the merchant. Instead of selecting the cards and then their quantities one by one I think it would be easier to drag&drop cards directly into a chart, open it, remove cards if needed (the gold you are going to spend or earn should be shown both on the icon and in the chart menu) and then proceed with the transaction.
    I'll be soon posting the "other upcoming stuff", which is a list of improvements and features I would personally find good for the game.

    Here's the chart idea: the 0 is the current amount of gold the cards in the chart are worth. Also, the icon could be a sack of coins.

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    Welcome to the Shadow Era forums Chuck Morrison!

    Something like that would save some time when buying a lot of cards at one time and would let you see how much your deck would cost you in-game. There are a few places to do this with some of the web based deck builders out there, but being in-game would be pretty neat.
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