I have a possible idea to address some of these issues Pandev mentioned.

We still have 3 spots on the Deckloading screen before it needs to get bigger, make 2 of them the weekly special decks. This will be a deck with fixed content that you can play as is, without modifying it, even though you don't own the cards in the deck.

The idea is that new players can use 2 competitive deck on ladder to not get stomped with beginner deck. It could be possible to limit the amount of times you could use these decks to say 20 times a week. It allows for some easier wins in pvp sometimes, it lets new players taste and test out different heroes to see which they like and it may inspire them to which cards they want to achieve first. Hence the reason to limit it, it does motivate to get out there and get your own decks to use them more.

Yes, you saw me say 2 decks. so what's up with that. The deck of the 2 that is most selected to be played will be kept at the end of the week, while the other deck is cycled out for a different deck. How the new deck is decided I leave up to other suggestions, but options are a poll on forums/facebook/twitter. blalbal something about exposure/community participitation blablabla

If we change the decks on say wednesdays, someone can write a guide by the weekend for those who want to binge the 20 games in the weekend blabla blabla forum activity bla bla

You could consider allowing these decks for the campaign, though they won't be finetuned for it, So people don't have to buy each hero for campaign if they jut wait like 20 weeks till they all come around provided optimal vote distribution to get every hero round and so on.