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    Battle Of The Ages - A Pro Tour Event

    Banner Courtesy of A1 H1tachi. Thank you again my friend.

    It is time for us to find out which side is the best of Balor. Not Shadow. Not Human. Not guilds.

    The battle lines will be drawn by... AGE!

    This battle will showcase the best from the youth and experience within Balor

    Battle lines will be drawn after we have concluded signups to balance out brackets to ensure one side is not much larger than the other

    Of course, this is all done on an Honor system. So, I will rely on your word as to your age.

    So, are you a diaper wearing, bottle sucking, member of the baby brigade!?!?

    Or, are you mature, intelligent, experienced, only gets better with time man or woman of arms!?!?


    Please sign up on here by giving your
    - In game name
    - Telegram chat username
    - Three hero choices
    - Most important of all... your AGE!

    If you do not have access to our telegram chat, look to my signature for information on how to sign up and join. If you do not want or can not have telegram, you can use the in-game chat to contact your opponent. Telegram would make things easier, so I hope you can join us. We have so many players in this game and we are trying to add them all to our chat. We hope you will join.

    I will add participants to the tournament room on a daily basis. I will not post the link on forum to avoid unwanted guests.

    Time frame and match deadlines





    The format is simple. I made sure to make it baby friendly.

    1) Choose three heroes to bring with you into battle. This will be done when you sign up but is not permanent. You may change your hero choices on your forum sign up until I post that signups are closed. Let the mind games begin. Any changes made after I have closed signups will result in immediate disqualification.

    2) Your final choices will be hero locked for the entire tournament.

    3) There is no deck lock

    4) Each Round is a best of three matchup.

    First match: random start.
    Second match: the player that went second in game one creates the next game and goes first.
    If needed, third match: random start.

    5) You may swap out a hero after each match. So, if you win with Boris, you do not have to keep playing Boris in the next match. You may switch to another Hero.

    6) Heroes are not eliminated from the round if you lose with them. You could lose your first match with Boris but play him in game 2 and game 3 if you wish.

    7) Draws are replayed with same player going first. However, you can change hero and or deck.

    8) Disconnects will replayed ONLY IF BOTH PLAYERS AGREE. Do not feel that you must replay. If your opponent disconnects, it is fair play for you to have the win.

    9) Players will have one week to complete each round. Please contact your opponent to schedule your matches. Screen shot the conversations and send to me for proof. I will make a judgment call and advance whom I feel made the most effort to play their matches. This is at my discretion and above reproach.

    10) The winner must report results on forum page with your name, results, your opponent’s name and which bracket you are in.

    Example - A1 InsanoMango 2:1 A1 Opponent. Over (or “Under”) 25 Bracket.

    13) ALL DECISIONS MADE BY THE TOURNAMENT ORGANIZER ARE FINAL. As they say, leave the drama for your llama!


    Standard Prizes awarded by Board of Directors for organized play based on number of participants.

    From my personal stash,

    1st Place: 3,000 Shadow Crystals
    2nd Place: 2,000 Shadow Crystals
    3rd Place: 1,000 Shadow Crystals

    There we have it.

    Youth or Experience (AKA Excellence) Which one shall triumph?

    Babies, grab your rattles and bibs. Adults, grab your swords and shields. Never have you seen a battle with such great importance sculpting the very hierarchy of the Shadow Era landscape. War of the Shadow Crystals? Please. Play time is over.

    Let the real battle begin.

    Any question please message me on Telegram @josellamas or PM me here on forums.


    We have 56 Participants. That equals out to 8 byes to be awarded at the start. To determine who will receive a bye, I did the following:

    First, I organized the group by age from youngest to oldest.

    Second, I have broken them into 2 separate groups of 28 and numbered each person from 1-28 in both groups.

    Lastly I used a dice roller to choose from 1-28 in order to award byes. There will be a video supplied on the telegram chat.

    The first 4 numbers that were given by the generator are: 11, 12, 22, 27

    1. Cultist Lagertha @soomsalof 17 Gwenneth, Jericho, Majia
    2. SD NatsuDragneel @sd_natsudragneel 17 Gweneth, Vess, Jericho
    3. A1 VGmaster1 @VGmaster1 19 Boris, Majiya, Lance
    4. GX KAIDO @GXKAIDO 19 Amber, Prax, Banebow
    5. TJ DubDub @tjdubdub 19 Ter Adun, Victor, Lance
    6. A1 Umbabarauma @a1umba 20 Boris, Gweneth, Majiya
    7. AA1 Raiden @sj122 20 Majiya, Garth, Banebow
    8. GX Bankai @bankai1 20 Loest, Gravebone, Garth
    9. Gxioshane1997 @oshane1997 20 Boris, Victor, Threbin
    10. BP Itachi Uchiha @itachiuchiiha 21 Gweneth, Majiya, Boris
    11. GX KingOfZs @KingOfZs 21 Boris, Garth, Amber
    12. GX Exile @GXEXILE 22 Boris, Garth, Majiya
    13. GX Shadowmoon @jawalizer 22 Victor, Amber, Zhanna
    14. Gxi the only one @keblawii 22 Boris, Ythan, Eladwen
    15. A1 Anubis @Anubis013 23 Banebow, Boris, Ythan
    16. A1 PA1N @iftekhar008 23 Banebow, Garth, Zhanna
    17. BP Dimble @Ste24kb 23 Amber, Majiya, Zhanna
    18. SD Offspring @shadowdragons 25 Loest, Zhanna, Zaladar
    19. SK Betaification @skbetaification 25 Boris, Praxix, Garth
    20. 17 Catenzo @Catenzo 26 Zhanna, Gwenneth, Moonstalker
    21. TJ SamuelJ @SamuelJ13 26 Zaladar, Zhanna, Majiya
    22. 17 Ghibo @ghibo 27 Zhanna, Darkclaw, Skervox
    23. A1 Wimbled @wimbled 28 Gweneth, Gravebone, Lance
    24. Suiseiseki @namaewa_Suiseiseki 28 Boris, Skervox, Majiya
    25. 17 Pandevmoium @Pandevmonium 29 Banebow, Loest, Victor
    26. BP Holy Punisher @holypunisher 29 Zhanna, Majiya, Boris
    27. Gianni1188 @prodottorosso 29 Tala, Nishaven, Raikka
    28. GX Raziel420 @GX_Raziel420 29 Tala, Elementalis, Vess

    The second set of 4 numbers to be given were: 8, 15, 6, 13

    Middle Break for choosing bye

    1. TJ Fenelon @TJ_Felelon 29 Ter Adun, Amber, Jericho
    2. SK SuperSayian @SKSupersayian 30 Majiya, Banebow, Garth
    3. TJ BayFighter @Bay Fighter 30 Rothem, Darkclaw, Jericho
    4. BT Lylianah @Bt_lylianah 31 Threbin, Vess, Boris
    5. SD Acolyte @SD_acolyte 31 Amber, Loest, Zaladar
    6. TJ Quarra15 @@quarra15 31 Boris, Gwen, Zhanna
    7. BP Emigor @Bpemigor 32 Zhanna, Amber, Majiya
    8. A1 Ivist @ivanistomin 33 Praxix, Gwen, Garth
    9. BT Mzlara Eterna @BT_Mzlara 33 Amber, Moonstalker, Praxix
    10. Fordfff @fordfff 33 Zhanna, Gwen, Majiya
    11. BP Qwertzy @qwertzy11 34 Garth, Banebow, Amber
    12. BT N3M35I5 @BTN3M35I5 34 Tala, Vess, Elementalis
    13. GX Spectre @xlspectrelx 34 Victor, Gwen, Gravebone
    14. A1 High There @DrNude 35 Praxix, Serena, Loest
    15. A1 Juka @Juka 35 Boris, Victor, Praxix
    16. BT Loretta @BTZotti 35 Badurru, Boris, Lance
    17. BT Mojorge @BT_mojorge 35 Serena, Threbin, Vess
    18. A1 Otto @Othon_Manolakos 36 Baduruu, Vess, Skervox
    19. BP Maximont @maximont 36 Boris, Gwen, Lance
    20. 17 alerbelde @alerebelde 38 Garth, Baduruu, Boris
    21. TJ Segalion @segalion 38 Elementalis, Baduruu, Garth
    22. A1 H1tach1 @H1TACH1 39 Banebow, Boris, Lance
    23. RS PhillipW @RS_PhillipW 39 Boris, Majiya, Gwen
    24. 17 Indastria @indastria 40 Praxix, Darkclaw, Boris
    25. BT Grayleon @btgrayleon 40 Loest, Garth, Victor
    26. 17 Paxvobiscum @Paxvobiscu 41 Zhanna, Vess, Darkclaw
    27. TJ Sleeping Dragon @SleepingDragon 43 Baduruu, Boris, Lance
    28. GXI Harfzinger @GXHarfzinger 51 Elemenalis, Vess, Aramia

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