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    Isn't Nathanias OP?

    I think Nathanias's ability is too strong. Human has many great fatties like Braxnorian Soldier, Viska, and Kion. The fact the you have the chance to summon them at no cost is just insane.
    As much as I enjoy playing him, no card should be that strong on its own.

    The reason he is in pretty much every human deck is because he is non-situational. Many fatties are strong only in a certain situation.

    Oliver Fagin isn't that powerful unless there is an opponent ally to take. The same can be said for Forgotten Horror and Riphide.
    Eriss is only useful when there is an ability to destroy. That's why they are not reliable enough to be OP.

    On the other hand, Nathanias can never be useless. Even if you draw a non-ally card, it's no big deal. You still got a 5/8 monster on the board. He is not even afraid of Retreat.
    Therefore we should either make him more unreliable like other fatties or make the ability less powerful.

    My nerf ideas,

    1. 5/8 -> 4/7
    2. summoning a non-ally at no cost instead of ally. Even if you draw a non-ally card, you might not want to play it or can't play it because the same item is already on the board. So it's less powerful and more situational.
    3. summoning an ally costs 5 less resources so that when you have no resource left, you won't be able to summon 6 or 7 cost ally to overwhelm the board.

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    The problem here is that humans have good fatties but have a week early game presence. Most allys they have are squishy, and save for things like Nightshade, they lack protection. If said allys have protection, they are small, or have very low attack.

    The reason humans have a decent mid game and a strong late game, at least in my own personal thoughts on how they were designed, is because often times this game is decided with in the first 2 - 4 turns. If you don't have a foot hold then, it is very hard to pull of a win, and pulling off a tie in this game is pretty rare without things like Supernova. Nathanias and similar cards help to take back control, assuming they are allowed to stick to the board.

    As a seven cost, +1 to card advantage and only a possibility of a free ally is not busted on turn 6 or 7. Especially when your spending pretty much if not all your resources on it. Its a way to rebalance the flow of the game, and stop faster decks from dominating most human strategies.


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