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    Interguild Challenge: Shadow Dragons vs Blue Phoenix #2

    Interguild Challenge between Shadow Dragons and Warriors of the Blue Phoenix
    #2: Friend or Foe?

    - 16 players: 8 from each guild
    - all pairs are BP vs SD

    Tournament rules
    1. Single elimination.
    2. Best of 3.
    3. Different heroes for game 1 and 2. If 3rd game is needed, then you should use one of your opponent's heroes.
    4. Start in each match should be random, alt, random.
    5. No Hero Lock. Each player can use different heroes and decks in each round.
    6. If a player is disconnected during a game, the victory goes to the other player unless both players agree to replay or a player concedes.
    7. If sync or draw error occurs the game should be replayed (same hero same starting order), unless a player concedes.
    8. Results should be reported here or in Telegram including heroes per game.
    9. Play fair and obey the rules.

    e.g. HolyPunisher plays Amber and Offspring Boris in game 1. HolyPunisher plays Zaladar and Offspring Banebow in game 2. For game 3, HolyPunisher has to play either Boris or Banebow and Offspring has to play either Amber or Zaladar.

    1st place: 500SC
    2nd place: 250SC
    3rd place: 100SC

    PS: This is a guild restricted event so it's open only for SD and BP members.
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