Hello Shadow Ear Community,
I have been playing on and off since SE first came out.
I love this deck because the control feeze combo seems rare on multiplayer and it will surprise my opponent!
What's your advice for this deck?

How this Deck Works
T1-T5 Gain or match board control untill you get 5 recources.
T5 Either play Voice of Winter or wait a turn or two to play Supernova
T6 Stall with an ability or play Stalactitan / Frosted Urigon
T7+ Maintain board control with freeze-resistant allies and destructive abilities

Deck Composition
42 Cards

x1 Majiya

x4 Cinderborn Fatebreaker
x2 Grimghast
x4 Evolving Abomination
x4 Stalactitan
x2 Frosted Urigon
x2 Dakrath

x4 Consuming Fear
x3 Fireball
x2 Acid Jet
x2 Shriek of Revulsion
x4 Supernova

x4 Tome of Knowledge
x4 Voice of Winter