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    BP tman507's Undead Gravebone (300+)

    Hello everyone. At the request of Veles, I've decided to post the Undead Gravebone deck that has been my primary deck for the last while. It has been pretty successful for me, has gotten me over 300 ever since I've been using it (top 100 at least), sometimes actually pretty high in the ratings. So here is the list and some discussion of card choices.

    1x Gravebone

    Allies: 26
    3x Harbinger of the Lost
    3x Death Mage Thaddeus
    4x Cryptspawn Tormentor
    4x Corpse Shifter
    3x Falseblood Cultist
    3x Shadow Knight
    4x Forgotten Horror
    2x Dakrath

    Abilities: 10
    2x Sacrificial Lamb
    4x Fireball
    2x Shadow Font
    2x Supernova

    Items: 6
    2x Tome of Knowledge
    4x Tombstone Beacon

    42 cards + hero

    Now, to a certain degree, some things here could be altered for personal preference or for potential improvements. I admit I'm not super great at deck building, and some of the cards that aren't here are really just down to the fact that the deck has worked for me and I haven't felt the need to change it. So here's some rationale behind certain things that are (and aren't) in here:

    1. No Item Destruction?
    Something you definitely could include if you feel the need, but I haven't desired to mess with the rest of the deck to try and include it. I guess you could say Dakrath is sorta my option against weapons at the very least, but feel free to throw in a couple copies of your favorite item destruction if you like.

    2. Burn Damage
    Another card you could try to get in here is of course Lightning Strike. Fireball and Supernova have been enough for me.

    3. 3 Cost Allies
    The one change I have made to the deck since I started with it was that I originally had Death Collector instead of DMT. It has worked better since then, DMT is just that handy. If you do like Death Collector for his buffing ability, I'd swap Tormentor out for him, just a matter of preference on that one, but DMT is pretty key.

    4. Why the variety of draw?
    I feel it's good to have multiple options. Sac Lamb can be sacked early, but otherwise is good against Warriors/Wulvens, or can combo with DMT/Tormentor/Crippled Dakrath. Only 2 Tomes are really needed, unless opponent destroys one you don't really need more. Beacon is at 4 just because that will go away on durability, and because resource renewal effect is handy.

    5. Shadow Font
    Something I don't often see in Gravebone, but I feel GB is a good hero for it. Sac it early, but late game is a great surprise to pull out for that extra use of ability.

    6. Who to revive?
    Obviously the best thing to revive in this deck is Forgotten Horror. He is great for this deck, simple as that. GB lets Horror's ability be that much more annoying to the opponent. Dakrath is the second choice, he's beefy and tough to kill, but does nothing upon coming into play, giving the opponent a turn to react. Corpse Shifter is the third choice for revival if need be.

    Apologies for the wall of text. Hopefully that covers most things. Feel free to ask questions.
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    Awesome , thank you a lot! I wish more community members would post their decks for 3.5.
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    Ok here's my latest version.

    4 harbinger
    3 dmt
    3 cryptspawn
    2 brimstone devourer
    4 falseblood cultist
    2 gravemonger
    4 shadow knight
    4 forgotten horror

    3 sac lamb
    3 shadow font
    3 Portal
    4 kiruths vault

    So this revolves around kirtuhs vault and forgotten horror. Shadow font really packs a punch in combination with location. This gives you a 5/4 body plus that sweet spicy juicy freeze of horrificness for the low low price of 1 card and 1 SE. Of course this is predicated on having location down and horror in graveyard, which is why cultist location and horror are all X4.

    Portal brings the pain via way of death knight and gravemonger. If you can trigger gravemonger/location to remove an undead from your graveyard you get a 6/6 for 1CC. Not too shabby. Also shadow knight can get you 5 dmg for 2cc and a card. Pretty effing good.

    The brimstone devourer is there to increase the value of falseblood cultist late game and also makes a solid meat shield playing second. Idk if it's actually worth including or not that's why only 2. Probably I should replace with nova

    What bothers me most about this deck is there are no reliable ways to keep from getting blown out of the water playing second... Cards I have considered are consuming fear, fireball, super nova, and grave resistance.

    I have also considered a version which relies almost entirely on portal, gravemonger, kiruth location to pump out a 6/6 haste for 1CC. This version would need to include 4 crystal shards to get the required amount of 6 cards in a graveyard in order for monger to work. Also would probably want space for 4 fireball.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that horror will freeze allies such as cultist, monger, and brimstone. Monger probably could be replaced as its kind of a win more card that you are likely to sacrifice if you draw it early... He can help you trigger location though as sometimes your shadow knight will not be able to remove an undead ally.
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    Sounds very risk reward. I like it. I don’t have any of the cards to try it out myself right now but send over a good commentary or game link and I’ll watch.

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    Great stuff! Pushing this up for Gravebone!


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