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    Advice for Majiya Control Freeze Deck (240 Rating)

    Hello Shadow Ear Community,
    I have been playing on and off since SE first came out.
    I love this deck because the control feeze combo seems rare on multiplayer and it will surprise my opponent!
    What's your advice for this deck?

    How this Deck Works
    T1-T5 Gain or match board control untill you get 5 recources.
    T5 Either play Voice of Winter or wait a turn or two to play Supernova
    T6 Stall with an ability or play Stalactitan / Frosted Urigon
    T7+ Maintain board control with freeze-resistant allies and destructive abilities

    Deck Composition
    42 Cards

    x1 Majiya

    x4 Cinderborn Fatebreaker
    x2 Grimghast
    x4 Evolving Abomination
    x4 Stalactitan
    x2 Frosted Urigon
    x2 Dakrath

    x4 Consuming Fear
    x3 Fireball
    x2 Acid Jet
    x2 Shriek of Revulsion
    x4 Supernova

    x4 Tome of Knowledge
    x4 Voice of Winter

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    For a bit better consistency, I would up Grimghast to 3x and lower Evolving Abomination to 3x. This still gives you six total 3cc allies, but makes it more even between them. As crazy as it sounds, since your deck is on the control end, I would say drop a copy of Supernova for another copy of something else (perhaps Frosted Urigon or even fireball).

    I also don't think you've got enough draw power. You're only draw in the deck is Tome of Knowledge, which you will need to slow down quite a bit to use, and Majiya's ability which will only draw you around 2-3 cards the entire match. My suggestion would be to remove Shriek of Revulsion for Sacrificial Lamb. You can use it on the allies that you would normally use Shriek of Revulsion on (allies with Crippling Blow, Captured Prey, Zail's Hymn, ect.). Beyond that I would also reduce Consuming Fear down to 3x and put in another Sacrifical Lamb (x3 in total). At this point, should you do this, I would recommend replacing Evolving Abomination with Eternal Troll (as he's the perfect Sacrifical Lamb target), but it's not a necessity as I see the value of Evolving Abomination in a deck like this.

    Anyways, those are just suggestions! Hope they help! Also, welcome to the forums!
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    Thank you for your advice.
    I like the Sacraficial Lamb / Eternal Troll combo, I will try it out. I favour Evolving Abomination over Grimghast, 75% of the time I will sac Grimghast and play Evolving Abomination. I will consider it though.

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    Tran Curse might help with those few allies that are hard to kill and might not actually need to attack to have an impact also good for attachment hate like ALR

    forgotten horror might also help since you’ve got lots of frozen immune allies but you’ve got some that would be affected too

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