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    [RS Seadog] Competitive Haste Boris – a World Cup tournament deck

    This is my tourney deck used in WC. A slight modification from traditional Haste Boris, it gain advantage from the addition Timelord.

    It looks easy and straight forward to play. In fact it is not. Timelord is the most important card in this deck. He is there to dig cards from your own resource pile, not from opponent’s. You have to plan what you sac, as well as the order of saccing them.

    e.g. you have 2 BF and TKP in starting hand, normally the sac choice would be BF > TKP. However, the right sac here would be TKP > TKP > BF as you can dig TKP with Timelord, not BF.

    3 DT is an anti-meta call, as well as Yahari which makes a very solid controlling combo. Yahari also provides supplementary draw which fills up the gap for not drawing BF.

    Decklist as below:

    Hero: Boris Skullcrusher

    Allies (18):
    4x Layarian Knight
    3x Aldon the Brave
    4x Fleet-footed Messenger
    3x Viska, The Scarlet Blade
    4x Darklight Timelord

    Abilities (14):
    4x Crippling Blow
    2x Bad Santa
    2x Smashing Blow
    4x Blood Frenzy
    1x Enrage
    1x A Legend Rises

    Items (6):
    3x Dragon's Tooth
    3x The King's Pride

    Locations (2):
    2x Yahari: Valley of Doom

    Total: 40 cards

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    Looks like a fun deck. Thanks for sharing it.
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