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    Quote Originally Posted by AJnadey View Post
    THIS WAS IT!! Thank you Demnchi!! I just started playing and didnt know Groundshift existed haha. I just alternated rain delay and ground shift until I could clear the board with valley of doom! I cant believe I missed/forgot about this card when I was going through the merchant before. I can't thank you enough for ending my frustration! I can finally move on with my life haha.
    Glad you were able to finish it! Congrats!
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    1t Moment of Acquiescence
    2t Sinkhole
    3t Rain Delay
    4t (Moment of Acquiescence give me additional card) I must have Yahari and Shadow Bolt but I can have yet another chance if I'll have Shrine of Negatia (repeating Rain Delay)
    5t Yahari (second chance)

    after this I need something powerfull like Stalactitan f.e.


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