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    Overwhelm and Anmor’s Call : Revert to original?

    When Vic won the WC in 2016 many nerfs followed. Overwhelm was a card that was part of the insane combination of Vic with Anmor’s Call and Gambit.

    Overwhelm used to give one card when summoned in the past and I think that this card should be allowed to return to its original state. If nothing else, at least to give the community a month or so with the card to test it out and see if it is broken.

    The nerf to Anmor was one that I called for adamantly. However, I am always willing to admit if I was wrong. I feel that was the case here. I do believe that Anmor’s Call was only an issue with Hunter’s Gambit recycling. I feel that with Hunter’s Gambit now being exiled, we may be able to have Anmor returned to us at 3 cost.

    I would like to see everyone’s opinion on this. These threads always get hundreds of views but only a handful of comments. Please, everyone, leave a comment or question. Participation is all we want
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