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Thread: Zott-up 7

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    Zott-up 7

    8 players pop up tournament.

    1. Best of 3 for all rounds. Single elimination.
    2. Decklock. No card swaps allowed deck has to remain same throughout.
    3. Replay Draws. Disconnects is win for the player who doesn't disconnect, unless both parties agree to replay.
    4. Random start for G1 and G3. Opposite start for G2.
    5. Stall and or mill decks are not allowed
    6. If a player does not show up 10 minutes after start of Pop, they will forfeit the match
    7. If a player advances and is not available for their next match within 10 minutes from BEING PM'd BY THEIR TELEGRAM USER NAME they will be DQ and the pop-up will move forward.

    1st: 1 Premium, 1 Prize, 1 Lost Land Pack.
    2nd 1 Premium Pack

    Winner: BT N3m35i5
    2nd: A1 Insanomango
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