This is a fun build that is pretty solid, as well. I had a 16 game win streak with it recently. IGN: RelentlessAssult


Feasterling x4
Spitfire Hound x2
Cryptspawn Tormentor x3
Death Mage Thaddeus x3
Death Collector x2
Ravager Zealot x2
Corpse Shifter x3
Murderous Hulk x2
Der'kan, the Bone King x1
Hellfire Besieger x2

Sacrificial Lamb x3
Hunter's Gambit x4

Necromancer's Shroud x4
Weevil-tipped Crossbow x4

I'm not sure if something similar exists or not. I think it's unique in that it uses a 12/12 split of undead and ravager allies. The cool thing about this deck is that it gives you 10 ways to make your undead ally stick on the field after it is brought back from the grave with the Shrouds. (hounds, zealots, besiegers, and crossbows)

Look up my match history. There are some pretty good examples of how the deck works. I'm finding things a bit more difficult playing against competition in the 300's but I think this deck can hang with theirs. The game against Ythan I didn't draw any draw cards and I sacrificed the wrong card in another matchup. Anyways, if anyone has any suggestions on how to improve it that would be great, too.