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    Hunter's Gambit, Shard of Power, and Aldmor Scout

    I was in a match with Cardboard Box and attempted to use Hunter's Gambit on an Aldmor Scout with a Shard of Power on the board. My understanding is that Shard of Power sets all allies' heath at a maximum of 1 and Hunter's Gambit gives -2 heath, so it should work?


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    Hi there. You are not the first to ask this and likely will not be the last. Here goes:

    Hunter's Gambit is a health modifier. The true health is always being calculated based on whatever +/- modifiers are in effect. There could be lots of different things all modifying the health (King's Pride, Meat Wagon, etc) at the same time.

    Shard of Power is a bespoke effect that caps whatever the true health is and then shows that as the health.

    Even if the health is showing as 1 due to being capped, there will be some true health behind of at least 1 that was being capped. (You'd see this if you removed Shard of Power from play.) When you play Hunter's Gambit, you are acting on the true health which will then be capped again by Shard.

    So if the ally had 3 health and it's currently showing 1 due to Shard then playing Hunter's Gambit will just give true health of 1 that is capped at 1 by Shard. This is likely what happened.

    I know it's complicated, but the main point is that it works consistently in all situations (most importantly for when Shard enters and leaves play and when other health modifiers are active or not).

    There's another older explanation here if the one above I just wrote doesn't make sense:

    Hope that helps!


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