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Thread: Outlaw Lance

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    Outlaw Lance


    Caravan Smuggler x4
    Eastroad Bandit x4
    Pillaging Arsonist x4
    Winthill Assailer x4
    Brigand Captain x4


    Backstab x4
    Stop Thief x4


    The Last Harvest x4
    Hit List x4
    Ill-Gotten Gains x4


    Anklebreaker x4

    Played a few rounds with it against AI. Good enough to beat the 3-star campaigns. Key to this deck is good draw as you will be growing your resources at a fast pace with Eastroad Bandit + Backstab combo. The Last Harvest and Brigand Captain helps with the generally low attack values of your Outlaw allies. Sac only until you have 4 res. The rest can be grown from Bandit. IGG and Hit List are your main draw engine and they synergize well with either Eastroad Bandit killing things or Caravan Smuggler dying. Don't be afraid to use Smuggler to attack into weapons or allies as his function is similar to Devoted Knight. If everything else goes south, you have Anklebreaker to regain board control.

    I'm not totally happy with 40+ cards but idk which card to take out yet. Would need a few more matches in QM to find out what the meta is like to adjust this deck.

    The best start to this deck is

    T1 Last Harvest
    T2 Caravan Smuggler
    T3 Eastroad Bandit
    T4 Backstab + Hit List
    T5 Hasted Winthill Assailer + ability
    T6 Brigand Captain
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    I like the deck, I play a similar outlaw deck but with 3 of each, add 3 bandits, poison for my anklebreaker and I use Garth


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