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    WC2017 Regional Qualifiers! (sign-up here)



    In ten days from now, we will have three regional qualifiers for WC2017 Grand Finals, where players can earn invites to join others who have qualified in previous events throughout the year. Unlike those other events, these provide a unique opportunity to qualify in a single day. Here are the dates and times and Tournament Organizers for each:

    Asia/Oceania Regional Qualifier
    Saturday 25th November

    Starts 5am GMT+0
    T.O.: Gondorian (TG: @Gondorian, IGN=Gondorian)

    Americas Regional Qualifier
    Saturday 25th November

    Starts 6pm GMT+0
    T.O.: SamuelJ (TG: @SamuelJ13, IGN: TJ SamuelJ)

    Europe/Africa Regional Qualifier
    Sunday 26th November

    Starts 12pm GMT+0 (midday UK time)
    T.O.: SamuelJ (TG: @SamuelJ13, IGN: TJ SamuelJ)

    - Each will take place as a Swiss-style tournament, where each players plays in all rounds and the final placings are determined by points scored (3 points for a match win, 1 point for match tie).
    - The top 4 ranking players at the end of each regional will earn a spot in the WC2017 Grand Finals.
    - If there are players tied on points for a spot and not enough WC invites available for them, we will use a tie-breaker system as outlined at the bottom of the "HOW A REGIONAL SWISS-STYLE TOURNAMENT WORKS" section.
    - For the avoidance of any doubt, there will be no "Cut to Top 8" for single-elimination.
    - All rounds will be played using a best-of-three format
    - There will be no time limit in round 1. If any matches are determined to go "too long" (in the opinion of the Tournament Organiser), we will use a time limit in future rounds to keep things practical.
    - You must use one unchanged deck throughout the whole regional ("Decklock"). Deck checks will be done based on server logs to ensure this has been adhered to.
    - Please check in on Telegram at least 15 minutes early in the appropriate room. (Contact the Tournament Organizer directly if you are not in the room yet.) Click here for details of how to get on Telegram.

    - All games to be played on latest version: v3.521
    - You can only take part in ONE regional qualifier. (People already qualified for WC2017 may not take part.)
    - Maximum of 128 players per regional. Sign up ahead of time to avoid disappointment!
    - You can sign-up here:
    - Sign-ups close Friday 24th November at 10pm GMT+0.
    - It costs 500 Shadow Crystals to take part in one of these Swiss-style regional qualifiers. The 500SC will be taken from your account automatically when you sign-up and no more will be taken after that.
    - Each participant will win at least one Foil Prize Pack (these packs contain foils not available anywhere else).
    - Ideally, players will assemble in Telegram to help organise their games. Anyone who can't access that can use the in-game Global Chat.

    - Tournament progress will be tracked on
    - Each round, players are paired based on points earned so far (Round 1 will be entirely random)
    - Each round involves a best-of-three-games match between two players.
    - The player listed first in the pairing creates game 1 in the Unrated section of the Challenge screen with no other options ticked.
    - Whoever went second in game 1 creates game 2 in the Unrated section of the Challenge screen with the Creator Goes First option ticked.
    - Game 3 is created in the same way as game 1 by the same person as game 1.
    - After a match, please report scores in the appropriate regional Telegram room and I will update the bracket. (e.g. Frodo 1-2 Pippin)
    - Winning the match earns you 3 points. If the match is a tie for some reason, both players get 1 point (A match that ends in a draw counts as a match played. So it is possible to be 1-1-1 after three matches). You get no points for a match loss. A Bye is worth 3 points.
    - A disconnect will be treated as a loss unless both players agree to replay.
    - At the end of all rounds, players are ranked by points. If there are any players tied on points such that we don't have enough WC invites for them, we will use the following tiebreakers in order:
    1) Total number of game wins - total number of game losses (so a 2-0 win is better than 2-1 and equally 1-2 loss is better than 0-2 loss). Any Byes will be treated as 2-0 win.
    2) There will be a play-off between players still tied to take place before the following weekend unless those players already met in the Swiss (in which case, their result will be used). Ideally, it happens immediately.

    - If you encounter a previously unknown card behaviour bug, report it to the T.O, and they will choose what appropriate action to take. Please see here for known card bugs that are legal in 3.52.
    - The World Championship Grand Finals are on the weekend of 9th/10th December, so don't compete unless you are available for that weekend.
    - There will be two other Wildcard events that will be the same format as the regionals, but they will both be open to anyone who has not yet qualified and the prizes will be very limited aside from winning WC2017 invite.

    - Round one for Day 1 starts Saturday 9th December 6pm GMT+0.
    - Day 1 will be 32-player swiss decklock, over 5 rounds of best-of-three, to find Top 8 players.
    - Round 1 for Day 2 starts Sunday 10th December 6pm GMT+0.
    - Day 2 will be 8-player single-elimination decklock with best-of-five per round.

    - Winner: iPad Air (16Gb wi-fi) + $500 via PayPal
    - Runner-up: $500 via PayPal
    - 3rd place: $300 via PayPal
    - 4th place: $150 via PayPal
    - All Top 8: complete digital foil playset (4 of each CotC, DP, SF, LL Part 1, CP card in foil)
    - All other Grand Finalists: 50 digital cards of their choice
    - All Grand Finalists: WC2017 Grand Finalist sleeves

    Good luck to all participants!

    If you have any questions, please post them below, and I'll get you an answer as soon as possible.
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    Version news!

    v3.52 will be out before Regionals, so the balance changes and 13 new cards from the Campaign set will be legal.

    Since this is short notice for preparing your new decks, for anyone wishing to use v3.52 before release, the Test Server has reopened and will be open until v3.52 has rolled out on all platforms.

    Unlike previous times, the Test Server now supports all platforms too, so whether you are on Windows/Mac/Android or iOS, you can try out all the cards over there (iOS uses Testflight).

    Since I will need to add people manually, I will prioritise people who are qualified for WC2017 or have signed up for the Regional Qualifiers.

    Please see here for how to get access to the test server.

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    In the last 24 hours, I've had three bugs reported to me that you should all be aware of for regionals, since the current behaviour will be legal.


    SE-1109 - Viska's ability doesn't work against 1 attack weapon when friendly Kion earlier in SRO

    SE-1110 - Rampage should heal hero from ally killed by Energy Extraction before hero takes damage.

    SE-1111 - Darklight Timelord is incorrectly coded with Sword attack.

    SE-971 - Bazaar draws cards before effects triggered by Crescendo destruction have finished.

    SE-998 - Eternal Troll killed at the end of turn sometimes behaves as though killed at start of the next.

    SE-1020 - Hit List can be activated when an opposing Twilight died at the end of opponent's turn and was revived by Twilight Eidolon.


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