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Thread: Mind Control

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    this card has been around since forever. it's basically a legacy card. only new players complain of MC. you'll learn to get around MC soon enough. take it from someone who hated mind control so much - i play Lance so i really hate this card. plus the match vs Zaladar seemed unwinnable long ago. i had to learn how to bait out the opponent's MC so i can safely play my real threats.

    try to play a game using elemental heroes so you can learn the weaknesses of MC. it is usually only by playing the card you are complaining of do you see its weaknesses. it's how i got good with this game. i played all heroes and played all the meta decks of those time. plus ofc i learned from the best.
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    The thing I do not think anyone is saying is that everyone basically agrees with you.

    Everyone here knows that MC is a borderline OP card. That is why you do not have a Zal or Ele deck with any less than 3 copies.

    The thing is that after you have played many games, you learn what you need to do to survive.

    I know Zal has his ability but if you can get 3-4 allies on the board and constantly force your opponent to waste his ability on your allies, you will eventually wear them down. Zal does not usually run very strong allies outside of Gargoyle. Everything else dies easy because they are more used for meat shields to feed Soul Reaper.

    It is not difficult to overwhelm Zal and put him away. If Zal gets good early draw and has Cultist --> Brim and or Shadow Font, you may have a hard time. However, focus on keeping the board locked down by utilizing your middle and low cost allies and other tech cards. Eventually, you will work yourself into a situation where Zal is forced to play MC on smaller allies. then you can take a risk drop a 5cc card down after you have seen one MC to check for another. If that ally dies to MC, then you play your 6 or 7 cost ally. Likely they do not have a third in hand. If they do, lol... its just not your game. Likely though, you have just put down a big ally that will stick or that Zal will have a hard time getting rid of.

    Bottom line is that Zal is a strong hero that has been a top pick for some time. He has many tools and strategies to win. It is a tough matchup for many and can take a bit of luck.

    After some matches though, you will get it figured out and raise your success rate Vs Zal. Just give it some time


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