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    SEF News (October 3rd 2017) - Looking for Leadership

    Hi all!

    When I started this off, I had a different developer day job elsewhere and was expecting to drive this in my spare time for fun to try to help the game from the outside. I was still Head TCG Designer voluntarily and on the Board of Directors, but that wasn't enough for me after all these years doing more!

    But, shortly after I kicked this off, the Board collectively agreed it would be for the best for me to return here as a full-time developer again, so I quit my day job and got stuck in!

    I'm really happy I made this decision, because I've been able to work on single-player campaign, a new Ranking system and upcoming releases, but it has meant my "spare time" has dwindled significantly and I can't give this project the attention it deserves.

    I still believe in the idea, but I reckon it's going to need someone else to pick it up to drive it with me just acting as a consultant if it's going to go anywhere in the near future.

    At least we've almost got 20 Community Deckbuilds done though!

    If you're interested in trying to lead this, send me a PM please.


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