Hero: Gwenneth Truesight

Allies (22):
2x Layarian Diplomat
4x Masked Bandit
3x Aldon the Brave
4x Layarian Seductress
2x Tainted Oracle
4x Snowland Spotter
3x Thunderstrike Construct

Abilities (10):
2x Poison Arrow
2x Treasured Heirloom
4x Hunter's Gambit
1x A Legend Rises
1x Dawn Raid

Items (8):
4x Weevil-tipped Crossbow
2x Soul Seeker
2x Grundler's Double

= 41 cards ~ 15430g

Nothing too special here. Just my update for 3.5 on ally based Gwen. Some changes compared to previous iterations I saw on forums:
Bandit as default 2cc drop. It is so good.
Thunderstrike construct instead of Bobcat. Upping the cost of Gambit from 2 to 3cc hurt the combo a bit. Construct is a middle solution for
''hasted'' 2 damage. Advantage being it is unconditional for 5 cc. Disadvantage being it is less damage then Bobcat + Gambit, although if one sticks on board and you can chain them it is similar. It also helps to kill wisps and worms.

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