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    Help with a Zaladar deck, please.

    I'm trying to re-learn how to build a deck and I'm failing miserably

    This is supposed to be a Zaladar Haste deck. I started out doing pretty decent but now I've lost something like 8 of my last 10 and I'm not sure what to do. I would love any ideas you guys have:

    Hero: Zaladar


    4x Frostmare
    2x Masked Bandit (because I can't find anything else that works)
    4x Rampant Krygon
    3x Ravager Zealot
    2x Slingblade Demon


    4x Bad Santa
    4x Feedback
    2x Super Focus
    4x Mind Control
    1x Eternal Renewal


    4x Loom of Fate
    2x Infinity Core
    3x Shard of Power

    39 plus hero =40

    The deck seems to play pretty well early. I do pretty decent damage to the opposing hero (usually getting it down to 12-15 with very little damage to myself.) Then I stop getting the cards I need and they mount a comeback and beat me. I'm sure it's a combination of the deck and my rustiness, but any help would be awesome!!

    I've thought about replacing bandit with shadow font, but I feel like I'm light on allies as it is.

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    Did you try Feasterling instead of Masked Bandit?

    Sometimes the meta just doesn't tolerate rush. You can keep trying and see if your skills improve, or you can tweak the deck to deal with what you see in your opponents' decks. If nothing seems to help it might be time to try a different archetype!
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    Aldmor scout also has haste. And can seek more copies. And sac lamb seems like a bad idea but it keeps your hand full. I noticed your feedbacks, mimic works with those and bad Santa and sac lamb.

    I played something similar just focused on the haste and boost, mc of course. But i went without life gain, could get it to 305 but not much further
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    Remove eternal renewal. If this is a rush deck then you better not be getting that late in to games.
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