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    official shadow era you tube channel?

    As the title says, i think its a good idea for the game to have an official you tube channel.

    It can include:
    Tutorials of any kind for beginers. Eg guide for sacrificing, combos, deckbuilding guidelines and many more.
    major tournament games and of course finals.
    games that affected SE history for any reason.
    weekly streams best of, cutted in 15 minutes, more or less, episodes.

    Sugestions for videos in general:

    (im no expert in social media marketing, but things i will mention below is what i would do)

    Title of video: Always include shadow era in it. Eg shadow era WC finals game 1 or shadow era comunity stream x

    Length of video: I think 15-20 minutes is an ideal length if thats possible of course. Never cut a single game in half but two games in one video or more might be more than an average viewer could chew. Not many people in my opinion are going to watch a long video. If 15-20 minutes arent enough for someone, he/she could watch another episode or a different video

    Comentary: if possible, include comentary in every video. One person is enough, or two even better if they make a good team and not steping in each others shoes

    Search engines friendly tags: not much i could sugest about this one but, shadow era, SE, "title of tournament", weekly steam etc are some examples i would use.

    Please help me make this post more usefull for the game by leaving some constructive comments below if you agree or disagree with the idea

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    I think its a great idea. YouTube is free to use and watch, win-win for everyone.
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    Yes, thank you for reminding us.

    We will start putting content together for this.

    There was a WulvenGames channel in the past ( but we will have a Shadow Era brand account one.


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