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    It's very hard to predict the current meta and after experimentation, I landed on Majiya as the best option. I've had Boris, Eladwen and Zhanna as Hero preference but seems like Shadow is something new for me to explore, thanks to some unique synergy, ability and powerful staple mage cards.

    As such, the deck is over 40, so I think a better optimization and this will be quite competitive in the hands of a skilled player. Not sure if a 40+ cards have what it takes to keep up until the 300+ ratings? I doubt it. My IGN is Rohclo. Feel free to watch the games.

    1 Majiya

    3 Ironhide Karash
    3 Feasterling
    2 Masked Bandit
    3 Infernal Gargoyle
    2 Death Mage Thaddeus
    3 Rampant Krygon
    3 Grimghast
    4 Eternal Troll
    4 Phoenix Urigon

    2 Sacrificial Lamb
    2 Bad Santa
    3 Acid Jet
    4 Fireball
    4 Lightning Strike
    3 Transmogrification Curse
    3 Supernova

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    Rule of thumb is 6-8 draw cards in a 40 card deck

    You are running almost 50 cards with only 4 draw cards that is not likely to work out particularly because Maj is a very card hungry hero especially if you plan on using burn to close out games which your deck appears to want to do.

    Looking at you ally curve you have

    8x 2 drops this is a lot unless you are going all in on early board
    12x 3 drops (+ krygon who I count as more of at t4 control play than an ally) this is again a lot unless you are really gunning for early board
    4x 4 drops many decks don't run any of these and go with a 3cc ally t4, maj is an exception because PU is so good andshe gets a lot of value out of it but this makes the excess number of 3 drops even more clunky

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    4 trolls is too much as you do not want to have more than 2 in play at a time.
    Transmog Curse is more of a control card and your ally line up is more midrange, so I would cut 1 or 2. It is more of a tech cards vs hard to kill stuff.
    Acid Jet is a tech card and you shouldnt be running too many tech cards, instead focus on what makes your deck good. So cut one of those as well.

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    A lot of good advice here. I don't necessarily agree with the number of three drops being lowered
    , though. I ran three each of gargoyle, dmt, troll, and krygon (along with 4 each feasterling and pheonix) last season with Majayi and got to almost 350 rating. The rest was burn, draw, and a couple transmogs, I believe.

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    This is probably going to sound silly but personally I'm not a fan of sets of 3. Usually I'll do 2's and 4's and sometimes 1's for a fatty/weapon/armor/tech

    That being said if you cut those 3's down to 2's you'd be left at 41 cards.

    Otherwise I'm in agreement with the boys. Draw power seems a bit weak, even with Majiya's ability. Personally (and some may not agree) I like having 2x Amulet of Conjuring with her. Provided your opponent plays first you'll be able to use it on turn 4 (if drawn) and have it destroyed that very turn (or subsequent turns) when activating Majiya's ability.

    Of course it sometimes helps to have a complimentary card that allows you to spend 1SE in case you don't use it when she has 4 or 8 SE in store. Otherwise Meltdown offers a decent option as well so you aren't stuck in a sustain loop with that artifact.

    2 trolls is plenty like Veles mentionned. If you really want to roll with 4 I'd swap the 2 Bad Santas for 2 extra Sacrificial Lamb. I'm ok with the 4 Phoenix Urigon.

    As Qaz presumed, I'm guessing you're looking for early board domination with your ally curve. My Majiya decks usually have a more balanced curve but you're tempting me to take a stab at your build (or something similar).

    Let us know when you hit 350+ with this baby. Good luck!


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