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    Wulven Swarm Rothem

    Hero: Rothem, King of Layar

    Allies (19):
    4x Wulven Traitor
    4x Wulven Predator
    4x Wulven Scout
    3x Wildfang, Wulven Renegade
    4x Wulven Tactician

    Abilities (14):
    4x Crippling Blow
    2x Bad Santa
    1x Smashing Blow
    4x Blood Frenzy
    3x Enslave the Beast

    Items (3):
    3x Jeweler's Dream

    Locations (4):
    4x Lakmire: Training Outpost

    = 41 cards ~ 18690g

    Idea behind the deck is to use resource cheating from Jewelers Dream, Lakmire and Wildfang to make some powerful tempo plays to control the board, swarm the board and win with Rothems ability.

    Some of early tempo plays with Location include:

    T3: Ally + Blood Frenzy/Crippling Blow
    T4 with Wildfang already on board: Jewelers Dream + 3cc Ally + Blood Frenzy/Crippling Blow or Jewelers Dream + 2cc Ally + Enslave the Beast

    And other combinations.

    Other cards worth considering to add:

    More allies, although non wulven class wulven selection is kinda poor.
    Attack buffers like War Banner, Kings Pride although I think Rothems ability is sufficient as win condition.
    Valiant Defender to set up 2 turn kill, or help get the board back.
    Pithing Spear over Jewelers dream. It has higher attack and ability helps to get faster to second trigger of Rothems ability. I do find tempo from JD too good to pass though.
    More Bad Santas. You empty your hand really fast with so much resource reduction that Blood Frenzy and Tracker draws can barely keep up.
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    The problem I always had with rothem was that one power rarely won the game and then you fizzled out. Is this a problem in this deck?

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