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Thread: Blackened Heart

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    Question Blackened Heart

    Good Day,

    My first post here in the forums (although longtime Shadow Era user). I've gone over the Forum Rules, Comprehensive Guide and related topics and if the answer is out there I've missed it. Here goes and thanks in advance

    Blackened Heart: "That ally has immunity to abilities activated with shadow energy...".

    QUESTION: When this card is attached to an ally should it therefore render it immune to "abilities activated with shadow energy" that are activated by Location Cards?

    MY EXAMPLE: Blackened Heart is attached to a Wulven ally and the location Lakmire:Training Outpost is on the board. When my opponent activates the ability "1SE: Target opposing Wulven ally has -2 attack and loses all passive abilities until the start of your next turn." my ally IS NOT protected/immune to this effect.

    I have not tested Blackened Heart vs other location abilities at this point (only the example mentioned above).

    In the Comprehensive Location Rules thread it reads:

    "Location Abilities

    Locations have two separate ability text boxes, ... Each ability text box can have passive abilities and/or activated abilities."

    To my understand Location Abilities should be treated no differently from other Shadow Energy Abilities and therefore Blackened Heart should indeed render said allies immune to Location Abilities that are activated with SE. Apologies if I missed something : (

    Thanks again for shedding light on this matter!
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    Hi. I think you've understood everything very well and just unearthed a bug. I shall investigate. Thank you

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