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    Starval's Twitch Popup #2

    Starval's Twitch Popup

    1st: 1 prize pack + 1 premium pack + 1 LL pack + 150 Shadow Crystals
    2nd: 1 premium pack + 100 Shadow Crystals
    3rd: 75 Shadow Crystals
    4th: 50 Shadow Crystals

    1. Decklock throughout.
    2. No stall decks.
    3. Best of 3 for each round. (1st game is random game start, 2nd game is alternate game start, 3rd game is random game start.)
    4. Draws or sync errors must be replayed.
    5. If a player disconnects during a game, the victory goes to the other player.
    6. Match results must be reported in the Twitch channel (or PM me in TG).
    7. If there is a bug in a game, the game must be replayed. Repeated bug abuse will result in disqualification.

    Conquest Format: Each player signs up with 3 different heroes and has a deck for each hero. In each round, you and your opponent ban one of each other's heroes. You must win a game with each of your 2 hero's to win the round. When you win a match with a hero, you cannot use the same hero again in that round.

    Sign-ups begin at 6:30pm EDT (10:30pm UTC) in the Twitch channel and it will start when we have 8 players. We will pull additional players from Telegram if there are not enough sign-ups in the Twitch channel.

    For integrity of the tournament, you must PM me the 3 decks you are signing up with. Either PM in Twitch, Telegram, or the forums. is the preferred method of submitting decklists. This is requested to keep people honest in case they try to select specific hero builds that are more favored based on their opponent.



    1st: BT GeeGne
    2nd: skiTHEuglyGOD
    3rd: BT Sigismund
    4th: A1 InsanoMango
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