In the first mission of Garth's campaign (defeat an AI Lance), I got to about turn 10 then noticed the AI wasn't making any moves and wasn't ending it's turn, effectively stalling the game indefinitely. After a few minutes of nothing happening, I decided to concede the match and try again.

During the first match, I had played the location card "Arthyle's Pass: Dead Man's Breach", and it was still in play when the AI hung up and I conceded. When the "rematch" started, Athyle's pass was already on the field at the start. I tapped the card just to make sure it wasn't just a screen glitch, and the zoomed in version appeared center screen (as usual), but when I tapped this preview version, it wouldn't go away. I could actually inspect other cards, but they would move into the same space and overlap with Arthyle's Pass (slightly behind) so they couldn't be read.

I conceded this second match before making a move, then attempted the mission a third time. Arthyle's Pass was no longer in play at the start of this third attempt, and I was able to complete the mission without further issues.

This bug occurred while playing on Android.