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    Shadow Era Instagram Account

    As most of you guys know, you've never heard of me. For those who are just now knowing about me for the first time, hi I'm archit.

    I put comedy into my stuff so you don't get bored. It sounds weird now, but in the next minute, you will be happy you read this:

    Backstory time (read this if you want a chuckle)

    I'm Indian.

    End of story.

    My parents grew up in India learning about the value of education and making good choices. So when they moved to America in hopes of a good future for their children, they weren't wrong.

    Flash forward.

    When I told my parents I was going to make an instagram account in 2015, they didn't object.

    They wanted me to stay connected to our 1.2 billion population of our relatives in India.

    I'm being racist to myself so it's okay.

    They said studies first. My love for video games, comic books, and science fiction shows and movies from the 60s-70s said otherwise.

    When I managed to find my favorite game, Shadow Era, on instagram, I was stoked. I was like I'm gonna like ALL the pictures and follow them and be a functioning member of the community!

    That is until I came upon the conclusion the profile was inactive (@ishadowera)

    So I decided to make my own shadow Era instagram account about 4 days ago.

    (I do have a personal account that's been running from 2015, but this is going to be a second account).

    I would post insane screenshots, strategies, my decks, some trivia, and maybe even some videos if I can fit them under the 1 minute limit.

    But I know what y'all are thinking.

    1. Shouldn't shadow era media marketers create one?
    2. Why instagram, why not youtube?

    Here's your answer:
    1. If this game is to get more popular, it needs marketing. But that costs $$. Approaching people with the game in ways they can understand will spread the word.

    I'm turning 15 years old next month. I know all the players are like adults or teenagers, but think about it. Who else to market the game than actual teens who know what other teens like? Adults nowadays have to focus on other stuff, taxes, life...

    ...their children... @kipthorp

    2. I actually DID have a shadow Era YouTube channel. I deleted it after 70 subscribers and 30-40+ videos. It was fun and all, but I couldn't find time to record.

    I had to be uncomfortable at home and needed time if I wanted to record videos. I would also spend at least 2 hours editing videos making the enjoyable and fun to watch. But that required lots of work and I couldn't find time to record because I was trying to balance high school life with Shadow Era.

    So I put on my Trump mask, looked at my YouTube channel, and said "you're fired" and deleted it.

    I figured that handling an instagram account will be A LOT easier because I can post and play on the go, not sit at home on my device recording and talking to myself in a room alone.

    I like shadow era, I really do. I'm not going to say love, because that implies I'm good at the game. I am okay, but I still cast frostmare when evil ascendant is in play.

    If the $6 I spent ordering a Shadow Era physical deck could speak, it would say the same.

    So I encourage everyone here to follow my account @shadowerastrategies (might change name later) if you have an instagram account. If not, consider making one and spread the word about the game.

    There ARE already a few posts up, but of course, lots of more to come! And I mean lots!

    And that is the end of my presentation *slow classroom claps*

    Teacher give me an A.

    All feedback is welcome, tell me what you guys think. Let me see into your thoughts!
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