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Ok I know I'm writing too much in this section lately lol, but I want this game to be as polished as it can be, and there are small but important bugs/issues that can be corrected.

Let's talk about the new and very welcomed Load Starter Deck option, with the possibility to load the generic deck for each hero. This option can be found in the Load section, at the bottom of our precious saved deck slots, but, is this option working properly? Is it even working?

When I try to load any deck saved of any hero, a Zaladar deck for example, I simply:
1. Go to the Deck section of the game
2. Click on the Load icon
3. Click on the Zaladar icon
4. Click the slot with the deck I want to play
5. The game loads the deck automatically (A message pops up with the phrase “This deck has been loaded and made active”).
6. I can click on World or Challenge in order to try my Zaladar deck in any match.

But when I try to load the Zaladar Starter Deck (Repeating the above steps but on step 4 clicking the Load Starter Deck option), the starter deck appears on screen, the “loaded and made active” message also appears on screen, but if I play a match on World or Challenge I won't play with the Starter Deck but the previous deck I was playing with.

Please make the Load Starter Deck icon to work properly as the starter deck saving slot.
When you load a starter deck the message that appears is "Starter Deck Loaded. Save it to make it active." You need to save the starter deck to a slot in order to use it.