[CENTER]Games like Shadow Era are centered around magic, battle and fate. The story of card battles are as epic as medieval lore.
With that said I was thinking about it and thought it would be a good idea to recommend that Shadow Era expands the franchise and produce mystical tool of magic, used for centuries to predict future events through randomization and yes even sometimes magic. I would like to suggest that Shadow Era consider creating a Shadow Era Tarot Deck for production and sell (physical and digital).

Here is a list of reasons as to why Shadow Era should create Shadow Era Tarot Decks:

By creating a Shadow Era Tarot Deck Shadow Era will be entering the market of the Psychic industries.
Industrial and business of the psychic industry, Psychic industry/psychic business national revenues: $2.1 Billion.

I looked at the yearly income of Psychics and the estimated number was over $10,113,000 X 3(Three) <--- Enough money to invest in multiple Tarot Decks. And yes some Decks are collectable items and held on to for historical purposes.

List of places that would be willing to Sell Shadow Era Tarot Cards?
The Mall (A decent number of places would sell it in the mall including Bookstores, Hot Topic, Video Game Stores,)
Pagan and WitchCraft Stores
Video Game stores.

When I get Shadow Tokens I plan to bring this topic up again... I think it's an interesting idea for the company and a great way to get more Fortune Tellers playing Video Games and more Gamers studying and doing occult rituals (Like Tarot Card Readings.)

Have a good day everyone.