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    Zhanna Mist - Deck - Control - Need advice - Two versions

    Hero : 1x Zhanna

    Allies : 27x
    2x Aldon the brave
    3x Fleet footed messenger
    4x Devoted knight
    2x Tainted
    3x Elizabeth winterborn
    4x Raven wild heart
    3x armored sandworm
    3x Brax soldier
    3x Viska

    Abilities : 23x
    2x Retreat
    1x Forgiveness
    2x Healing touch
    4x Focused prayer
    3x Zail's hym
    3x Banish
    4x Tidal wave
    2x Mass purcification
    2x Last harvest ( will probably change to 2x Ascendant of the hero )

    Items : 13x
    4x Glass chalice of Knowing
    2x Book of curses
    4x Wizent staff
    3x The Kings pride

    Total - 63 + 1 hero

    what are ye guys thoughts and opinion? I feel that im lacking in heal and could do with more draw maybe not sure.
    Book of curses really helps me and armored sand worm very helpful.

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    hi there,
    while Zhanna is definitely great for control and can for sure get away with 60+ deck pretty easily, i would still try to trim the deck down a bit. i personally don't think you need 3x Viska and neither 3x Brax, my advice would be to cut to 2x each.
    Sandworm and Raven are, at least to me, also not the greatest plays - Sandworm has very low damage output for a 5cc and most decks can deal with him pretty easily and imho Raven only makes sense when you can give her haste.
    and my last advice would be to include more t2 options as you pretty much only have Chalice and if you consider that even your 3cc plays doesn't have enough impact to affect the board, you might get too far behind before you play your first Tidal Wave.

    just my few thoughts

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    Cut raven and sandworm, add Aeon and 2cc ally's,-1 zail and banish +2 retreat

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    The deck itself is a good start. There are a few cards that are a bit out of place though.

    Firstly aldon the brave is far too aggressive for most control decks and you typically don't need him in a deck that's finishing with kings pride anyway, so I would remove him totally.

    Fleet Footed messenger is a decent card, but I think opting to run 4x Oracle is a better option for a big deck like this. The reason for that is you aren't guaranteed a card from ffm unless you activate him the same turn he is played, so you really only want him turn 4 and after, so it's usually better to just play Oracle because it's the same resource investment for more card advantage. Advise here would be to cut 2 messengers in favour of 2 more Oracle's, but since you only have 3, you could easily go ahead and cut messenger altogether as long as you add the Oracle's.

    The last harvest is another card that feels like it doesn't belong in this deck because you have kings pride. The biggest thing I tell people with control decks is less win conditions means more ways to control the game. So really you don't want to be looking at cards like the last harvest so cut these.

    Raven Wildheart is an interesting card, however I don't think she is good enough to run the full 4 copies. Maybe just run her as a 1 of. Priest has access to a lot of spot removal so a 5 drop ally to use as soft removal is a bit clunky, but good for keeping the board 'clear' against decks that get a bit Grindy. I would drop her down to 1 copy and play 2 copies of Erriss Fateweaver here (erriss has better utility and is a better finishing ally)

    One thing you need to consider is early interaction, of which you don't have a lot. I would suggest including at least 3 copies of sinkhole (all my control decks have 4 copies) and running the full 4 copies of zails hymn. The reason sinkhole is so good is because it helps you clear out cheaper allies with little resource investment. When playing control it's important to win the resource trade. If your opponent plays a 2 drop, you don't want to be spending 3cc or more to deal with it, in the same way that you use tidal wave to clear a board and only use it to clear a single ally in extreme circumstances.

    Book of curses can be dropped also. While it can be a useful tool in soaking up damage, it becomes useless if you have enough control spells in your deck (allies that are dead/can't attack aren't dealing any damage to begin with).

    Mass purification can also be considered for things you might swap out. It's a good card in a meta with a lot of attachments, but is also a bad card when you have enemies locked down with zails hymn cause they get sent back to your opponents deck. Not a must change but definitely something to consider.

    That's about as much as I can think of for now. Good to see somebody trying to play control though, it's definitely a challenging archetype to master!
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