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    Cool Shadow Night [3.173]

    Posting this deck for someone asking why Berserker Boris was not a Vess deck. The weapon style is just not as suited for Vess due to the shadow card pool, however where he lacks in weapon cycling, he makes up for in hasted ally cycling.

    Current Build (40):

    1 x Vess Swifthands

    3 x Braxnorian Veteran
    4 x Shadow Knight
    (7 allies)

    4 x Sacrificial Lamb
    2 x Groundshift
    2 x Smashing Blow
    2 x Lythite Coating
    1 x Enrage
    3 x Rampage
    1 x Mettle of the Warrior
    4 x Enslave the Beast
    4 x Confluence of Fate
    (23 Abilities)

    1 x Arthyle's Crypt
    4 x Evil Ascendant
    2 x Dragon's Tooth
    2 x Rothem's Visage
    (9 items)

    I've tried adding a few more draw cards to be able to resource up to 15 to get some triple hasted Shadow Knight turns at the end of the deck, but it's better keeping to a bit over 10 resources, and more consistently drawing the healing, draw, and ping cards you need early or you won't make it to the end of the game where you will overwhelm.
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    thank you kind Sir, i was the 'someone' asking why not Vess

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