Hero: Serena Thoughtripper

Allies (18):
4x Masked Bandit
4x Night Owl
4x Fortified Wisp
4x Thunderstrike Construct
2x Oliver Fagin

Abilities (5):
2x Groundshift
3x Anarchic Looting

Items (16):
4x Hit List
4x Black Garb
4x Anklebreaker
4x Thoughtripper's Cutlass

= 40 cards ~ 16140g

I have been testing this Serena and found it really smooth to use. Unlike my other decks, it is not so conceptual but have a lot of contradictory cards. So Iíd like spend more time to explain in details here.

Basically, your game plan is to use some sticky/hard to kill allies so that you can keep some board pressure whilst stealing cards from your opponentís hand.

Early game: From T2-T3 I want something solid to be played. Early game is usually weak for Serena but with the addition of Bandit to the pool it actually improves a lot. I have selected Bandit, Owl, Hit List and Black Garb for T2/3 play. All of them are good going first or second so itís actually quite consistent here. Also you may consider mixing in some Sinkhole so that's just a personal choice.

Mid game: For T4 and T5 you really want to transit into the Wisp/Construct combo. Wisp is not popular in Serena build so you could catch a lot of opponent off guard. It chips out allies health and wear down weapons, and itís very strong combining with Construct. They create a stabilize board for you to steal cards in later turns. In case you lose the board, Ankle Breaker could slow it down for you to sneak in the Wisp/Construct later.

Late game: Cutlass OP! Everyone knows how it hurts to get stolen important cards by Cutlass. My favorite play is to use it when I have 5/7/9 shadow energy so that I could steal in consecutive turns. Fagin is almost the game finisher after several steals.

The Techs: I know this is the most controversy part. The Lootings look counter-intuitive at first sight but it actually kills all the stall decks around. It also generates huge card advantages when using at the right time. Actually, it is not too bad even you have some items (e.g. Hitlist) on board so that you can get an extra draw. Groundshift, on the other hand, counters the Wisp but it saves me from a lot of games. It solves a lot of difficult to kill allies, unhide moonstalker, prevent hasty allies...so it is one of the best card for Serena imo.

Sideboard: I always want to add some Night Prowlers in it. Even though the combo is so expensive (11cc) but you really throw off your opponent when you steal 2 cards per turn.

So here is it. I know itís a bit controversial but seriously this is my favorite Serena all time. Hope you like it.