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Thread: 3.17 Stalladar

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    3.17 Stalladar

    Hero: Zaladar

    Allies (17):
    3x Frostmare
    3x Death Mage Thaddeus
    3x Death Collector
    4x Cryptspawn Tormentor
    2x Der'kan, the Bone King
    2x Forgotten Horror

    Abilities (19):
    4x Sacrificial Lamb
    4x Energy Extraction
    4x Shadow Font
    3x Energy Discharge
    4x Mind Control

    Items (23):
    4x Loom of Fate
    4x Bazaar
    3x Infinity Core
    4x Evil Ascendant
    4x Armor of Ages
    4x Soulbound Armor

    Locations (3):
    3x Kiruth: Thaddeus' Vault

    = 63 cards

    One of the most hateful deck in the history of SE. Now mixing with the undead theme and go way longer.

    There are many old school combos like Frostmare/Discharge and Derkan/Soulbound/Extraction. And there is a newer combo with Infinity Core/Kiruth where you can get extra resource and free health gain every turn. Note that Cryptspawn and Derkan ability triggers Kiruth so you should have a lot of resource boost.

    Gameplan: defense in early game. Once you have set up draw and kill off opponent allies, you can start to go for throat with the Extraction combos. With a few hits you can seal the game. Alternatively, you can mill off opponent through recycling allies with Infinity Core, so you have 2 win coins in 1 deck.

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    I really like all the decks that you have posted seedog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the community. I do believe that it helps a lot of new players (and i am sure that it even helps some veteran players as well) to understand better the game mechanics and how to build a competitive deck. All your decks are easy to understand coz you can explain it so well.

    Most of the top players (me included) are just lazy to post here on forum coz we usually share our knowledge with our guildies on telegram. Some of them just want to keep competitive decks for themself. thanks again for helping people who don't use telegram app and thanks for keeping this forum alive.
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    Thanks Burnout1985. I think keeping posts here is what keeps the forum alive. If there is someone who picks up some idea from here is nice.

    Yet, most of my decks here are conceptual and not a fine-tuned deck. I don’t want to limit the imagination of players and copying decks. I do keep some of the refined decks within our guild but that’s another story.


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