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Because Lance's step into the twilight thread has been so hugely popular

Here is another little filthy / fun list i have put together with the homunculus flavor, specifically using the Growing Bog-dweller.
Another card which isn't seen on the board often, hence its not often looked at as a huge threat until its too late.

Hero - Garth Ravensoul

Allies -
4x Vigilant Wips
4x Entangled Wisp
4x Eternal Troll
4x Armored Packbeast
4x Growing Bog-dweller

Abilites -
4x Backstab
4x Spontaneous Growth
4x Coercion
4x Anarchic Looting

4x Clockwork Soldier

So in all honesty the game can be won just from Armored Packbeast back once his got help. Most games i don't even use Garth Ravensoul ability, its been searching for the allies thru Vigilant Wisp.

But once the game is going and you have a Growing Bog-dweller on board his ability can be used on an exhausted Clockwork Soldier, Eternal Troll and the enemies Coercion ally. That's 3 ways the Growing Bog-dweller is being buffed, another way is to kill your own allies if they are locked out of the game, otherwise don't cause you need them This is when the Growing Bog-dweller becomes the threat, which is now ok because if you have some Armored Packbeast on the board Growing Bog-dweller is being healed but so is your hero and if there is a bigger threat then a Growing Bog-dweller it's the rogue class being healed..... if your reading this, here is something you should never let the rogue class do and that's.....heal

There is still heaps of room for improvements in the deck, im going to throw in a weapon soon Anklebreaker seems the best choice for even better board control.

But again how good is the Coercion card, i rate it better then Mind Control, because you get to choose what you do with the enemies ally....gold