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    May guild power rankings

    Hey shadowmoon here with the 3rd month of power rankings. I apologize I lost my stats to these rankings so I can't give out copies to anyone but I will give out copies in future months of course if shadow era stays around in that time.

    I have the links to the past guild rankings if anyone wants them here they are

    Also I will state that next month I will make some changes how I score each guild to maybe make it look more balanced and slightly more accurate.

    1. A1. = 99% (1) (+13)
    2. Ka. = 76% (2) (+9)
    3. BP. = 69% (5) (+10)
    4. TJ. = 61% (3) (-3)
    5. Sk. = 51% (4) (-10)
    6. Rs. = 36% (7) (-7)
    7. Bt. = 33% (6) (-20)
    8. Da. = 29% (8) (-6)
    9. 17. = 22% (9) (-5)

    Here are the overall ranking or the average amount of points through the 3 months I've been doing this so far.

    1. A1. = 88 pts
    2. BP. = 72 pts
    3. Ka. = 72 pts
    4. TJ. = 66 pts
    5. Sk. = 45 pts
    6. Bt. = 42 pts
    7. Rs = 33 pts
    8. Da = 30 pts
    9. 17 = 30 pts

    Why I ranked you where you are

    A1. Exceeds all my expectation did a great job in all aspects, they did well in tournaments, in both ladders getting most in score, hosted many pop ups, supported the game good and recruited decent this month.

    Ka. Really pushed and showed that there a contending guild out there did well in both ladders, did the best in rated ladder alternative accounts were not counted as another player, placed in one tournament need some work on other events, some Ka players had returned and also did a great job representin shadow era.

    BP. Always does a great job recruiting players or getting players to join them by applying and did the best in that cataglory, placed in there share of events, did a much better job in the score ladder, did good on the rated ladder as well. Did a average job all around but nothing special that's why they got that rank.

    TJ needs to introduce or get members back to tj to make the guikd more known, however the get very good quality players who did very well in tournaments this month, hosted 1 event recently and did ok in both ladders this month.

    Sk does a great job at getting players to apply to there guild, did a ok job in placing in events, does a very good job supportin the game even when hope is lost, but needs to work on making there guild more known in both ladders

    Bt seems like a more lukewarm guild this month a bunch of bt players took a break from the game or semi retired, only recruited 1 player recently, did a average job in the score ladder and in tournaments but needs to work on there rating.

    Da A dwindling guild to say the least we always look ahead gathering more players to our guild but many also retire or take a break as well, hosted 1 Tournament this month, needs to become a more competitive guild though did a average job in score ladder but did very bad in rating and tournaments this month.

    17 seems to be a inactive or silent guild the last few months did not do much recruiting at all recently but 1 member to come back recently, did not compete in many events this month and did not place in any either, also did a below average job in both ladders as well I wish your guild the best in the future.

    This month have been below average for most guilds which is no surprise due to the games state right now but I hope we can just stay positive for the game and our guilds state

    I hope you liked this month's post
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    Hey Shadow,
    I think your input is great, and your stats are pretty cool to. I don't agree that all hope is lost yet and that's why I wanted to thank you for doing your thing here and brining out the posative that is SE and its community.

    I do think every guild here should be #1 they have done things for SE and they all play and represent the best of SE.
    Ofc every guild has its troubles, members, tourneys, or just low focus on some of the stats, So nobody is above the other.

    But thanks a lot for your time and enthusiasm and I look forward to another ranking.
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    Nice work man! You're the only guild man here
    Looking forward for more guild ranking

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    Good stuff. I like that doing good helping the game thrive is an important component of the rankings.

    Thanks for taking the effort to do this.
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