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    New and Improved Ter Adun Deck (any ways to improve this one?)

    I've been obsessed with finding the perfect Ter Adun deck. I think I am getting closer with this one...

    Same basic premise as the last deck; basically, it seems people have become too reliant on attachments and items so this deck seeks to exploit that weakness by destroying all items/attachment while also laying down some medium to hard-hitting allies. This deck is sort of a jack-of-all-trades which can deal with a lot of different deck types.

    This deck flat-out slaughters many item-based deck and easily goes toe-to-toe with most other decks. The only decks which seems to be a problem so far are the Aldmor-based ones; still need to find the weakness with those...

    1 x Ter Adun
    2 x Infernal Gargoyle
    3 x Cleric of the Asyn
    4 x Grimghast
    2 x Belladonna
    1 x Towering Brute
    2 x Murderous Hulk
    2 x Falseblood Cultist
    3 x Yari Marksman
    4 x Darkwood Wraith
    2 x Ogloth the Glutton

    4 x Blood Frenzy
    1 x Smashing Blow
    4 x Crippling Blow
    2 x Curse of the Aldmor
    3 x Spectral Sabre
    1 x Enrage

    40 Cards Total

    Just some random notes:

    -This deck doesn't really have any early-game allies, however, these aren't really needed as Crippling Blow; Dark Wraith and Yari Marksman tend to equalize things out in the mid-game.

    -Crippling Blow + Curse of the Aldmor is awesome!! Slap both of these on a early-game ally and your opponent is basically out of luck for the rest of the game unless they have a way of dealing with this.

    -Spectral Sabre is awesome!! I'm not sure why I never noticed that before...

    -Card draw is sometimes (but not often) an issue with this deck, trying to beef that up still. Belladonna is the weak member of this deck but I need her for emergency card draw...
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    Most aldmor decks have a reliance on items, depending on which apdmore deck you're facing. The ones that go ham with 4-5 artifacts have a solid weakness to rapid decay. Since you only have spectral saber as an item, you can easily and safely run one or two rapid decays.

    Falsblood cultist seems very out of place in this deck. You have no real reason to discard anything, and those two slots would be much more useful if given to, well, anything else. Maybe Inceasing the number of your other allies? Or possibly even adding one of the high end armors, such as the kings pride.

    Smashing blow can be replaced with a shadow font, which when used by ter, will serve a much broader purpose for only 1 recourse more. Moreover, the shadow energy can be useful against certain location decks (like aldmor).

    Do you find much use from belladonna? Shes very easy to kill, and there are better ways to draw cards with 4cc. Yari marksman serves a much stronger purpose with the same statline, so you might find it beneficial to lower belladonna, and go up to 4 marksmans.

    Really nice seeing someone using darkwood wraith.

    Cleric of asyn works really well with the adun. I might suggest going up to 4 of them as well
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    Thanks for helping out Umbra.

    In the past, I have found myself running out of cards with this deck so I've added both Belladonna and Falseblood solely for their card draw power. While they also serve as cannon fodder for a round, they are really only in the deck to help out with the card draw. I think Belladonna has actually been useful in maybe 2 out of 25 games and she is definitely the first card that needs to go when I revamp this. Yes, I might replace her with either Asyn or Marksman.

    Good call on the Shadow Font vs. Smashing Blow, I've been debating that one myself and will give it a shot!

    I used to run 2 Kingspride in this deck. While it has helped a few times, I recently removed it in favor of Spectral Sabre's and haven't really missed it. Too soon to tell though, U may want to add it back in as this deck has a lot of hearty allies (built to withstand nukes); however, their attack strength could use a definite boost.

    Darkwood Wraith is awesome!!

    Rapid Decay huh? I'll have to consider that one...



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