So many synergies!

Hero: Garth Ravensoul

Allies (21):
3x Champion of Irum ~550g
4x Masked Bandit ~100g
3x Aldon the Brave ~430g
4x Priest of the Light ~460g
4x Night Owl ~100g
1x Eternal Troll ~900g
2x Thunderstrike Construct ~700g

Abilities (9):
4x Backstab ~120g
4x Anarchic Looting ~300g

Items (9):
2x The Last Harvest ~300g
4x Hit List ~120g
4x Anklebreaker ~400g

40 cards

Best thing about playing an IGG less Rogue is that you can play Anarchic Looting easily. AL gives you an easy win in certain match ups.


1. Masked Bandit + Night Owl
Bandit attacks into opposing ally and gets retaliation. It goes back to deck and Night Owl has stealth now!

2. The Last Harvest and Anarchic Looting
If you know you are going to play AL at some point in the game, tLH turns into 1cc 1 draw with an options to buff your allies. Awesome!

3. Hit List and Anarchic Looting
Hit List is useful only if opponent play allies. When Hit list is useless, that means opponent has most likely played some items. Even then, AL can turn your Hit list into 2cc 1 draw, so it's never a dead card in this deck.

4. Eternal Troll and Thunderstrike Construct
You all know Thunderstrke can buff Troll, but I don't focus on that. These two are individually super awesome in Garth deck. Troll is arguably the best 3cc ally in this game and it can go into any deck as x1. TC is often better than AB since it comes with 3/5 body. Health reduction is crucial in Rogue mirror where both of you play only Night Owl and just death race. Not to mention that it's good against Sandworm, Fortified wisp and Dakrath. Kill the tank with TC, Garth ability and 3 atk ally!

How to play this deck
First of all, do not sac too many cards. You can stop at 4 resource if necessary.
Always predict what opponent is going to play. Think about the worst case scenario and don't play into it.
Always keep at least 1 ally active on the board. If you can't, make sure you have Anklebreaker.

General idea of this deck is based on a deck I posted

Draw in this deck is cheap and fast. If you like playing many cards every turn and be aggressive, give this a try!