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    [RS Seadog] LL3.16 Tempo Jericho

    In response to Buq's request, I would like to share another version of Jericho with more synergy to his ability.

    Hero: Jericho Spellbane

    Allies (18):
    4x Zealous Mystic
    4x Unaxio Squire
    4x Zailen Crusader
    4x Devoted Knight
    2x Viska, The Scarlet Blade

    Abilities (21):
    4x Strength of Conviction
    4x Spirit of Devotion
    4x Embers of the Just
    3x Focused Prayer
    3x Treasured Heirloom
    3x Tidal Wave

    = 40 cards

    This is a hybrid of Templar and Embers Jericho. The main idea is Tempo, which means early game is critical for this deck. So I am going to give more details on that:

    Your optimal play going first is:
    T1 sac
    T2 sac, play Unaxio Squire
    T3 sac, play Zealous Mystic + Strength of Conviction (you can haste in 5 damages) or Zailen Crusader + Spirit of Devotion
    T4 more allies/attachments
    T5 more allies/attachments + Embers of the Just

    Your optimal play going second is:
    T1 sac
    T2 sac, play Unaxio Squire (unless you anticipate it will be killed next turn)
    T3 sac, play Zealous Mystic + Strength of Conviction or Devoted Knight
    T4 sac, play Focused Prayer to destroy opponent draw engine or Zailen Crusader + Embers of the Just
    T5 sac, play Tidal Wave if you lose the board. If not, play more allies/attachments

    Some points to note:

    1. Unaxio Squire is quite an underrated card. It survives Feasterling attack and it produces total 3 damages output (1+2). It's how you start your aggression for this deck.

    2. You don't have to sac a lot. Zailen Crusader gives you a lot of Tempo gain and Devoted Knight generates resources. In fact I sometimes stop saccing at 3 resources. The draw is low in this deck (all of them are cantrips) so every card you sac means 1 less card you can play. A good rule of thumb is to sac for the cards you want to play that turn or you plan to play next turn only.

    3. Zealous Mystic + Strength of Conviction is an old school combo but sick. Mixing Unaxio Squire’s attack boost in the formula is nice too.

    4. Viska is not Templar so he has no synergy with other cards here, but nevertheless he is a good finisher and gives a punch in this deck.

    5. No CoF? It's costly and a huge tempo loss. Doesn't benefit from Zailen Crusader either.
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