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    pop up


    1- Best of 3. [Deck lock]
    2- Single Elimination
    3- Best of 3 for all rounds, random start in game 1 and 3.
    4- Draws or sync errors are treated the same: Replay.
    5- If a player is disconnected during a game, the victory goes to the other player unless both players agree to replay or a player concedes.
    6- Match results must be reported in tournament Telegram channel or QQ or this thread.
    7- If there are players who get a BYE, they need to send a PM with their Hero choices to the TO on Telegram before round 1 starts
    8- If there is a bug in the game, the game must be restarted unless both player agree to continue. Repeating bugs for the 3rd time will result in a loss for the player which the bug originated from.
    9- If a participant fails to show up to the first match 20 minutes after the popup has started he gets disqualified. Exceptions can be made if the TO gets informed beforehand.

    1st = 1 prize pack + 1 premium pack + 1 LL pack;*
    2nd = 1 premium pack.


    IGN of 1st: BP SamYou2D3ath
    IGN of 2nd: Zotteli

    and thank you all for playing
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