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    [RS Seadog] LL 3.16 Exiloest

    Inspired by Alendar at Wildcard Final, I am tempted to build an exile Loest with my personal tweak. This is one of the most creative deck I have met recently so cudos to Alendar.

    So here’s my first draft:

    Hero: Loest, Savior of Layar

    Allies (17):
    3x Aldmor Interceptor
    3x Darklight Apprentice
    2x Aldon the Brave
    4x Spirit Warden
    3x Layarian Seductress
    2x Tainted Oracle

    Abilities (17):
    2x Bad Santa
    2x Wizent's Prayer
    3x Sinkhole
    3x Fireball
    2x Lightning Strike
    2x Transmogrification Curse
    2x Supernova
    1x Ley Line Nexus

    Items (2):
    2x Tome of Knowledge

    Locations (3):
    3x Racksul: Warped Desert

    = 40 cards

    Deck theme:
    Unlike normal mage burn deck, this is a control rush deck which could really disrupt you opponent plan. It’s is particular good against deck that relies on graveyard regeneration (Gravebone, Zalader, Undeads)

    The curve:

    0cc – 3 cards (location)
    2cc – 15 cards
    3cc – 12 cards
    4cc – 6 cards
    5cc – 3 cards

    As you can see, the curve is quite low which means you may not want to sac every turn. Sac only if you want to play a card this turn or next turn. Remember one card sac = one card not used.

    The cards:

    Aldmor Interceptor – The disabling ability gives you a good come back in many occasions. The SE loss can be compensated by Darklight Apprentice.

    Darklight Apprentice – Your SE generator. Combo with Racksul: Warped Desert to produce free SE every turn.

    Spirit Warden – Your exile warehouse. Combo with Racksul: Warped Desert to steal cards every turn.

    Wizent's Prayer – A very nice call by Alendar. It’s heal and steal in one card.

    Sinkhole – Cheap control card which works with Racksul: Warped Desert very well.

    Draw – In between Tainted Oracle, Bad Santa and Tome of Knowledge you have a good variety of draw.

    Item destruction – only one Ley Line Nexus as Loest ability can also target item. Remember you could steal anything with Racksul: Warped Desert.

    So this is a beta version, appreciate for comments to improve.

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    For sure i will try this! Tnx for sharing.
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    warrior vess s a pain. i tested vs various warrior deck and cannot win: boris nuclearize my spirit warden with his skill, less simply by turn 3 maim my creature with hs attachments and amber rain simply eat way my life with only jeweler dream+reserve weapon. against others deck got no particular issues.


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