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    Bloodfang Concept deck (Haste & Retreat)

    Please help?

    Hero: Bloodfang

    Allies (14):
    4x Bad Wolf
    4x Tiger Wulf
    2x Griptooth
    2x Howlfang, Terror of the Vale
    2x Riphide

    Abilities (29):
    4x Midnight Howl
    2x Extra Sharp
    2x Bad Santa
    1x Blood Moon
    4x Regeneration
    2x Will to Fight
    4x Rest for the Weary
    2x Full Moon
    2x Lone Wolf
    4x Shadow Font
    2x Overwhelm

    Items (2):
    2x Evil Ascendant

    Locations (4):
    4x Gaderi: Braxno Citadel

    50 cards
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    4 dread wolf
    4 shaman wolf
    4 lighting wolf
    4 wulven tactical
    3 tiger wolf
    2 howlfang
    2 riphide

    4 bloodmoon
    4 now you mine
    4 above
    4 midnighte howl
    3 wulven rally
    4 wulven relisilense

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    only 1 blood moon????!!!!!!!!???????

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    Too few allies for ally based hero and too much healing. I think you can remove all healing cards, Lone Wolf definitely. Its expensive and since you are winning with allies it wont work most of the time. Also remove Evil Ascendant. That card is only good in heavy control decks that have many ways of stalling. Overwhelm also only really work in swarm tactics where you drop bunch of cheap allies. And since you are focusing more on fatties it wont really work. Extra Sharp is also a bad card. Going with same logic since youll have just few allies on the board Full Moon wont give that much power. And your fatties already bring the punch.

    So suggestion would be to trim the deck by

    -2 Lone Wold
    -4 Regeneration
    -2 Overwhelm
    -2 Evil Ascendant
    -2 Full Moon
    -2 Extra Sharp

    that will bring the deck down to 36.

    You should add more card draw. Blood Moon x4 is prob a must. You also need some more cheap allies.
    Since the power play is playing Riphide with ability and then protecting him behind the Griptooh you might consider raising their numbers up to 3 even if they are unique. For tech cards I would also recommend either Wulven Resilience to counter crippling blows and such disabling attachments, or use Rapacious Vermin for more flexibility to reach items and support abilities.
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