Hello all! Hope all is well. I got this idea and would love to have some help building it. I think it's a fun concept, and hopefully you will think the same! First the list then I will explain each card choice. So without any more chat, here's the list

1x Aramia

4x Scrying Eye
4x Scythe of Fate
4x Fireball
3x Supernova
3x Meteor Shower
4x retreat
3x Aldmor scavenger
2x Leyline nexus
1x dawn raid
4x tome of knowledge
1x loom of fate
3x Aldmor accelerator
2x Aldmor conflux
3x rejuvenation pod
2x ancient of Aldmor
3x armored packbeast
3x Child of Aldmor

Ok now for why each card:
Aramia: works great with artifacts and guarantees you finding scrying eye asap.

Scrying Eye: the card I built around. View the top of their deck, decide if you cant deal with it, and if not get rid of it!

Scythe of Fate: combos with scrying eye.

Fireball, super nova, retreat and meteor shower: all removal pieces.

Scavenger: recycle destroyed artifacts.

Leyline nexus and dawn raid: item destruction

Aldmor accelerator: shadow energy accelerant

Conflux: win con

Ancient of Aldmor: our other win con

Pod: recycles our dead Aldmor

Packbeast: healer. We will need him.

Child: more shadow energy. We are shadow energy intensive, so we need it!

So that concludes the deck. This is my first draft of it, so I know it's far from perfect! Hopefully you guys enjoy it, and please leave and suggestions below!