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    Gravebone The Menace Deck

    This is by far the most successful deck I've made up to this point. I've actually improved upon it and its weaknesses. Its a little larger but draw isn't a problem now. That was the major weakness of the deck before. I would just like general tips on the deck and weaknesses it still has. I believe it to be an awesome deck. I've gotten to 290 with the deck and taken down some upper level players. Many, many, 300 ranked players with this deck. let me know what you think i need to do to improve the deck and what potential weaknesses it has.

    48x Cards



    Rapacious Vermin 3x
    Cinderborn Fatebreaker 4x
    Rampant Krygon 2x
    Eternal Troll 3x
    Falseblood Cultist 4x
    Phoenix Urigon 3x
    Dakrath 4x


    Sacrificial Lamb 3x
    Bad Santa 3x
    Fireball 4x
    Lightning Strike 3x
    Shadow Font 2x
    Transmogrification Curse 3x
    Supernova 3x


    Tome of Knowledge 3x

    The deck mainly focuses on putting really hard allies to kill on the field. But the crown jewel of the deck is Dakrath. Hes basically an armored sandworm. I've seen him played typically in undead decks but seems to work well in this deck. Much of the deck revolves around protecting him and also creating a legion of hard to kill allies around him. Urigon as a hard to kill ally. Troll as another re-spawning ally. Great thing about all three is that they can all survive a supernova. Dakrath as well is just immune to alot of dmg your opponent can dish out and he cant be disabled or frozen. Urigon, eternal troll, and dakrath all can be sac lambed as well, obviously dakrath would be sacked if he was crippling blow'd. The Vermin i use to remove any attachments from dakrath, or remove weapons or anything that has to go like blood frenzy. Also i use cinderborn to prevent attachments and abilities from hitting him. If worse comes to worse I sack dakrath and than re-summon him from the graveyard. If i dont have the shadow energy i can use a Shadow font. If i have a good board state and i have an urigon in the graveyard i will summon him. I use Falseblood to get dakrath in the graveyard. Ive experimented with other methods of getting him in but i really prefer the card draw from falseblood. The deck now offers plenty of draw. Get your troll up and just sac lamb him, falseblood cultist for draw, tomb of knowledge for draw, and 3 bad santas for top deck alleviation.The spells are just support and direct dmg to finish off heros and allies. Transmogrification is pretty awesome as well for dealing with protector or hard to kill allies. Also a neat little benefit of TRANS is it makes vermin easier to to get three items on the opponents side. Supernova for board wipes and death blow dmg. Im still unsure of the kyrgons but whenever i take them out i find a situation i could use them. Really the win condition is to get all three, Phoenix, Dakrath, and eternal Troll, onto the field and you can manage to keep the board from there. Supernova, Lightning strike, and fireball a path to victory with dakrath.

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    Hm. Iíve pondered building a deck around a single card but thereís so much synergy in decks these days itís hard to upkeep. Iíll have to watch some games.

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