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    Caitlyn0's Memorial Thread

    " It is truly a black day in Balor, did you hear the wolves howl and cry in the night, did you notice the rain a bit colder, the beasts and horrors retreated to their lairs before answering the call and all the humans bowed their heads in reflection and contemplation.
    They are all here now, gathered in an ever growing circle for one time and one purpose, they all stare into the bonfire, some heads bowed, tears from those who are able, Eladewan stands with Ter Adun, Boris with Majya. Victor rests his arm on Banebows shoulder, Amber and Gwen gently stroke the Wulven heroes fur, to calm them as they have lost much. Gravebone's ability has no power here and he weeps at his impotence. All the heroes of Balor have come with all their allies and armies. There will be no fight tonight, no feast, no victory, They all know the loss and come to pay their respects for the passing of a Queen."
    — The Gathering —

    Hello my friends and family here in Shadow Era,
    I've been charged with this duty and it is truly my honor to carry this tragic news to you. A1's Queen and Leader and a Shadow Era Hero , Caitlyn0 has left us and has passed away from us. She was very careful to keep her condition private and it was only recently she made changes to prepare for her inevitable passing. I cannot tell you how in shock and distressed we in A1 are and we know this affects so many of you in Shadow Era as well. I personally will continue to cry when I think of this but at the same time I smile and am so greatfull for the chance to have know Caitlyn and become very good friends with her.

    She wished that her last days here were spent having fun in a community that became her online home, as it has for many of us. She wanted us only to remember her as she was, a meta breaker, a builder of decks, a trusted friend, leader and advisor to so many of us. More than 5 years we have had the honor to know her and come to love her.
    She lives on through her tenacity in the Development team, which she took great pride in driving home her ideas and getting many of them implemented. Through the many tournaments she created and hosted. Through helping A1 rise again when our future was unclear, Through bringing Telegram into the SE community, through her helpfulness to all players , her advice in all parts of life both here and in real life.
    She happily spent hours talking with players about their real life problems, relating to them and sometimes just listening when they needed to talk. She genuinely cared about us all, she wanted nothing more than for Shadow Era to continue to grow and evolve as a game and as a community.

    I wish you all would leave a post below , as I know her father was helping her in the final days and I'm praying he will check here to see what we left to honor her. Please leave a post and anything you wish to say.
    May those who did not know Caitlyn get to know her "here", though your posts and stories about her.

    God bless Caitlyn0, her family and her friends, may she rest in peace, may she find the next adventure as exciting and fulfilling as she found this life. May she look down on us all and guide us as she did in life. May the hole in our hearts be filled with memories of knowing her and all the deeds she left for us to see and the example she set.
    God Bless Caitlyn0, my leader, my guide, my sister, my friend.

    I'll leave you with Caitlyn's final words to us as I know she meant them for the whole community.

    " I wanted to say goodbye to you guys. Don't get to caught up in crap that goes on in your lives.
    Find enjoyment where you can. I have loved my time in A1 and SE.
    I love you guys."


    (Please leave a memorial post, Kip Thorp wrote this for us. He's devistated as we all are. This is A1 Alliance crying like a baby , signing off)
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